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Our Vision is to help entrepreneurial businesses grow and increase shareholder value with the best practices of private equity but without owners having to give away their entire stake.

We give owners the choice to exit or part exit from their business

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Industry Criteria:
(One of the following)

  • Service (B2B) Based Businesses

  • E-learning, Digital, Education, Consulting Businesses

  • Software as a Service (SAAS) or tech-enabled services

Business Criteria:
(Must have both)

  • Companies with revenues between $1,500,000 - $10,000,000 per year

  • Qualified Management Team

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Our mission is to help our partner companies with the following:

  • Triple profit in 3 years

  • Improve the company's monthly cash flow with the founders taking increasingly larger distributions

  • Give the founder/s a team of experienced executives to help them execute their vision

  • Transform the business into a "sellable entity" by creating greater shareholder value thus generating interest from larger private equity firms leading to a higher valuation

  • The founder/s creates personal wealth that no longer requires them to work for the rest of their lives

Business Meeting


We are "entrepreneur first" investors. 


We create a tax-efficient buy-in to businesses in exchange for a stake in the company.

We function as a majority stakeholder in the level of effort and resources dedicated to each company. The invested capital is earmarked for maximum value creation in four key areas:


  • Tech infrastructure for real-time reporting across the company to improve strategic decision-making

  • Recruiting talent to remove the entrepreneurial bottleneck present in most companies

  • Client analysis to maximize gross profit per client through sales and marketing

  • Decrease risk by creating consistency in delivery, resilient financials, and a sellable organization



The biggest problem for most businesses of this size is the lack of talent. We integrate our own "C-suite" into the business to work alongside the owner/s, rather than just put more on their shoulders.

The new "Board" focuses on:

Acquisition: Getting more revenue into the business by acquiring other complementary/competitive companies and by attracting new clients via more channels

Marketing: Creating the ideal product, pricing, promotional mix, user experience enhancement, activation point tracking to maximize the lifetime gross profit per client

Shared Services: Finance, HR, Legal to professionalize the business

Build/Improve a CRM/Tech stack that becomes the platform for value acceleration