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Dean Bradshaw


Dean began his business career in investment banking with Barclays Capital in London. He worked directly under the Fixed Income Director in the Marketing and Investor Relations department, where his responsibilities included assisting private and institutional clients in making educated decisions about whether to participate in the bank's structured products.

He then joined a firm known for mergers and acquisitions in the small-to-medium-sized industry sector (SME). Dean has worked in the mid-market sector of a global private equity company, increasing value for stakeholders through "buy-and-build" consolidation of firms with $10 million to $75 million in EBITDA.

He has consulted on over 300 acquisitions in the telecoms, fashion retail, e-commerce, recruiting, advertising & marketing, and environmental sectors as the founder of Millicent Investors, a business focused in creating opportunities for SMEs to scale.

Although Dean continues to advise with a number of private equity companies, his enthusiasm for acquisitions has driven him to become a practitioner, and he is presently creating a fashion clothing business by purchasing brands in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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Matt Hastie


Matt Hastie's bio is in currently in progress.

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Sahliene Bradshaw

Non-Executive Director

Sahliene Bradshaw's bio is currently in progress.

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