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Are you considering selling your business? It's important to start planning early as the process can be time-consuming. Being well-prepared will allow you to determine the appropriate sale structure, ensure your business is ready for sale, and minimize the likelihood of any issues that could jeopardize the sale.

Our team offers comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process of selling your business. With a combination of skills in valuation, sales management, and legal transfer, we provide a one-stop-shop to ensure a successful sale.

Count on our expertise in the business industry to help you close the deal.

If you're considering selling your business, you have several options to choose from. These include:

  • Trade/Share Sale: This type of sale involves the transfer of a company's shares, assets, and even liabilities, either in whole or in part.

  • Management Buy Out/In: In this type of sale, a company's current management team purchases a significant portion or all of the company.

  • Employee Ownership: This form of sale involves an indirect employee ownership arrangement, where a trust holds a controlling stake on behalf of all employees.

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